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Brief History of the Department of Statistics, University of Ilorin

The Department of Statistics, University of Ilorin, was established in the 1977/78 academic year with Prof. S.K. Singha as the first head of the Department.  The first batch of students graduated in the 1979/80 academic year.

The Department started with three full time academic staff members, namely:

  • S. K. Sigha
  • E.T. Jolayemi
  • A.F. Ige

From that time the Department has been growing both in terms of number and quality of academic staff in one hand and also the number and grades of degree and diploma programmes on the other.  We would like to commend the University of Ilorin authorities for their continuous support and for providing academic learning environment that is conducive.  I will also want to commend the members of staff, Department of Statistics.  One of the unwritten cultures of the Department is delivery of course lectures as soon as academic year begins and also submission of students’ grades as soon as the examinations are over.  This has been sustaining over the year.


OUR VISION:  When we arrived, we met on ground a department that was very active Academically.  We joined in the excitement.  Our vision was to build a Department of Statistics that would be second to none, at least on the West African Coast.  We were very much conscious of the other   Departments at the University of Ibadan and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  We were also very much aware of the Statistics programme at the ABU department of Mathematics.  Our object was to become the reference point in Statistics.  Our unwritten motto was ‘Ajise bi Oyo laari, Oyo ki ise bi enikan.  To this end, our first act on arrival here was to carry out a critical review of the existing undergraduate syllabus.

Therefore, we proposed Postgraduate Syllabus.   We also instituted Departmental seminars at which some of the lecturers were invited from the two close-by Universities at Ife and Ibadan.  All these were instituted to make our Department the envy of other sister Departments of Statistics in the Country.

OUR MISSION: Our mission was to develop a Department of Statistics, here at Ilorin.

  1. that will continue in the best tradition of academic,
  2. that will continue to attract the best brains.
  3. that will continue to produce competent statisticians for the public
    establishments, industry and academic institutions.
  4. that will be a second home for members of staff.

These desires found expressions in the way we conducted ourselves, in the dedication we had brought into the performance of our duties, in the way we related with our students and in the enviable relationship developed and nurtured between staff members.

I do challenge the department that it should never be second to any.  It must strive to be the BEST. Only the best is good enough for us.

I wish all our students a successful career in Statistics, the science of planning and decision-making

In 2005, the Department published the maiden edition of “LIST OF GRADUATES IN STATISTICS, From 1980 to April 2005” which is meant to serve different specific purposes, some of which are enumerated as follows.

  1. There is a need to get out records accurately and made easily accessible to all     that may need them.  In fact the principle of statistics, that the department     represents, is data gathering and ability to make inference and decisions based     on the data
  2. There may be a need to reposition the Department for it to be able to take     advantage of the unknown but dynamic future.  For example, about 1000     graduates have been turned out.  What have been their impact and     contributions to the national economy?  How can we improve on the quality     or quantity of the degrees we award?  Has it been difficult for our graduates to     get on board in a broader national life?
  3. The graduates may want to know themselves.  We have listed the graduates in     alphabetical order and according to the degree programme, i.e. Bachelor of     Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics. This can     be found in the Department on request. This publication is to assist in    sensitizing the public and in particular those listed to participate in this very noble course of annual prizes to ‘’best’’ students at all categories.
  4. The University and the nation need to know whether the large investment made is paying off or not. Is the rate at which we are going satisfactory to the nation?
  5. The Department needs more annual prizes to graduating students in all categories as incentives for healthy academic competition and moral character building.  The few prizes currently available have come from just two spirited families as can be observed.
    • Senate prize.  A sum of five thousand naira may be awarded each session by senate to the student(s) adjudged to have achieved the best overall performance in each Faculty
    • Senate prize.  A sum of two thousand and five hundred naira may be awarded by senate to two students with the best performance in each Department
    • The Titus Adeboye Prize.  An annual prize donated by Dr. Titus Adeboye for award to the best final year student in sample survey and design of experiments in the Statistics Department
    • The Bioye Oyeleke Prize.  An annual prize donated by Mr. Bioye Oyeleke for award to the best final year student in Statistics Department.
    • The Bioye Oyeleke prize in Statistics (300 level).  An annual prize donated by Mr. Bioye Oyeleke for award to the best 300 level students in Department of Statistics.
      In particular, parents, graduates from this Department and the general public are encouraged to donate annual prizes to encourage the up coming ones.