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Prof. Folahan Amoo Adekola B.Sc., M.Sc. (Ife), Ph.D.(UPMC, Paris), FRSC, FCSN,  FIPAN
Professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry of Industrial Processes
Dean,  Faculty of Physical Sciences

Phone: +2348067332320 / +2348154977882
Office Address: Dean’s Office, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Block 6


Keywords: Hydrometallurgy, Nanomaterials SynthesisandEnvironmental Remediation Applications, Colloidal Chemistry, Water and wastewater chemistry.
Short Research Description:Analytical and Environmental Chemistry of Industrial Processes with emphasis on the followings: Water and Wastewater Treatments, Colloidal chemistry and Adsorption studies, Development of adsorbents (natural and synthetic nanomaterials) for removal of problematic toxicants in Aquatic system, Extractive metallurgy with particular reference to the beneficiation of solid minerals and recycling of waste materials via leaching and solvent extraction. Environmental Impact Assessment in Peace and Development Studies.

Selected  Publications:
i. S. Facon, F. Adekola and G. Cote (2007) Stripping of copper from bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)phosphinodithioic acid extract with thiourea-hydrazine-sodium hydroxide solution mixture, Hydrometallurgy, 89, 297-304.
ii. A.A. Baba, F. A. Adekola and R. B. Bale (2009) Development of a combined pyro- and hydro-metallurgical route to treat spent Zinc-Carbon batteries, Journal of Hazardous Materials,  171(1-3), 838-844.
iii. F. Adekola, M. Fédoroff, H. Geckeis, T. Kupcik, G. Lefèvre, J. Lützenkirchen, M. Plaschke, T. Preocanin, T. Rabung, D. Schild (2011) Characterization of acid-base properties of two gibbsite samples in the context of literature results, J. Colloid and Interface Science , 354, 306-317.
iv. H.I. Adegoke and F.A. Adekola (2012) Equilibrium sorption of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution using synthetic hematite, Colloid Journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KolloidnyiZhurnal), 74(4), 441-447.
v. O.S. Ayanda , O.S.. Fatoki, F.A.Adekola , B. J. Ximba (2013) Remediation of Tributyltin Contaminated Seawater by Adsorption using nFe3O4, Activated Carbon and nFe3O4/Activated carbon Composite Material, Water, Air, Soil Pollution, 224:1684, DOI 10.1007/s1 1270-013-1684-0
vi. A.A. Inyinbor, F.A. Adekola and G.A. Olatunji (2016), Kinetics,Isotherms and thermodynamic modeling of liquid phase adsorption of RhodamineB dye onto Raphiahookeriefruit epicarp, Water Resources and Industry 15, 14-27
vii. AO Dada, FA Adekola, EO Odebunmi (2017), A novel zerovalent manganese for removal of copper ions: synthesis, characterization and adsorption studies, Applied Water Science 7 (3), 1409-1427